Twizy parts?

Hi. New on here, thanks for letting me in. I’m shortly getting an imported EU Twizy and bringing it into U.K. where is the best place to get parts for it? I want to install a U.K. charger lead and further down the line get new wheels. Lastly I noticed a mode 2 charging lead adaptor to plug into standard mode 2 EV chargers. I think it was over £200, would you recommend and I assume using it won’t damage the twizys battery. Thanks

Welcome Sandy.

Cut the Euro plug off and fit a decent UK 3pin plug.

The type two conversion is a cable swap but some prefer to use an adaptor so they have a more flexible charging options. There is a control pin in the type 2 connector that needs a resister in there to restrict the current requested from the charge point. The adaptors and cable conversion have this. Which is why it will not damage the battery. The on board charger still draws the 10amps.

Get the brakes serviced as the first job.
How old is it? Check the 12v battery condition as this is the cause of many strange problems.

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I have looked at importing a alot more choice in Europe! Remember the customs declarations etc will need to be done. Spare parts are a pain - Germany is the place to source them from usually. U can get a good schuko to UK adaptor or shucko to type 2 cable. Good luck!

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Hi Sandy.
Exactly as the above posts say. I would replace the 12v battery anyway (which is a very easy job). It costs about £40 and you can do it yourself in about 10 minutes. This 12volt can cause some very odd things to happen on the car and because of its location and often quality of the battery, it fails after 2-3 years.
Mechanical parts are harder to find. Renault can get them for you, but main dealer prices and you have to wait a long time for them. Often 2-4 weeks!! The issue you will find with a lot of the electrical components linked with the drivetrain, is they are VIN coded and can’t just be swapped to a new car. They need to be reprogrammed and I believe this can only happen once (or so some forum members are struggling with).
Brakes are one to watch. Rear callipers and handbrake often the issue. A little bit of maintenance keeps them fine.
With regards to the type 2 charger. Myself and many others have bought an adaptor from EVBitz. It has a 3 pin to type 2 adaptor with a little key. You need this to disconnect it from any commercial charge point that locks the cable in to stop it being stolen. Well worth it.

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Welcome!! I’d recommend a type 2 conversion. I’ve put a group buy thread on here as there has been some interest.

Dealer prices for parts are high, I’m parting out a Twizy next week and will catalogue all the bits for sale when it’s torn down.


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Great info, thanks

Thanks. I will look into that adapter. I have looked into it, I’ve been told there’s no duty to pay however there is vat To pay in U.K. but that’s not a problem as I will claim that back.

Hi, good advice thanks. It’s a 2017 Twizy.