Twizy Premium Floor Mats


(Luis Jaramillo) #1

We’ve made some great floor mats for the Twizy to hide all the only bottom plastic. Great synthetic leather material. Some nice luxury to the inside of the Twizy. Very easy to remove and clean so you can use the top coil mat alone. Mats come in two colors BLACK or BROWN. The mats feel great under your feet. The total price with shipping included is 150euro.

Black%206 Brown%201 Brown%202


Why so pricey :thinking:

(Luis Jaramillo) #3

Shipping alone is 40euro. But totally worth every penny once you see it.

(Geo Bergeret) #4

For that price, one would expect the steering bar hole problem to be fixed…

(Luis Jaramillo) #5

Maybe that can be in the next design.


That would be wonderful, also what is the mat made out of?

(Luis Jaramillo) #7

The mat is made from synthetic leather and the top part is a rubber coil material.

(osbrook) #8

You do need to study the pictures to understand that this is not just a floor mat but also a side of seat etc protector. The black ‘leather’ does show up until the pictures outside the car.

(Luis Jaramillo) #9

That’s true, it does provide protection for the inside of the Twizy.