Twizy - Rear Panel Removal - Help Please

Hi Guys,

I’ve just purchased a 2012 Twizy that I’m looking to get wrapped. To save money (and because the wrapping specialist is over 30 miles away) I’m going to remove the panels myself. I’ve got some useful youtubes on how to remove the side and front panels ( & but I can’t see any guides on how to remove the 2x rear panels (where the brake light is etc).

Has had experience of removing the rear panel(s) before? I assume this is relatively straightforward once side panels off? Anxious not to snap anything!

Secondly - if anyone has had their Twizy wrapped any points to note? Did you need to take off the old film (given they are effectively already wrapped) first?



Hello Matt
If you PM me your e-mail address, I can send you the Twizy Workshop Manual. It is 43mb.

That’s great - thanks Andrew. Have sent you a PM.