Twizy Reflector Housing

(Normsthename) #1

I have designed an housing to take a reflector that is mounted to the rear mudguards to improve night visibility.
In the past I have used red reflector tape but it only lasts approx. 6 months.
The plastic mudguard has to be drilled and the housing is held in place by two M6 Bolts inserted from underneath, So there are no visible fixings :slight_smile:
I have 3D printed the housing this afternoon and I will post a fitted image once complete :smile:


(Normsthename) #2


(m1n1s) #3

can you send me the sti file :wink:

(Normsthename) #4

I need to tweak the design… I got the hole angle wrong.
I took the line to the centre of the wheel and not the centre of the mudguard :fearful:
It is also way too strong, I am going to reduce the wall thickness and take one of the stiffeners out and also reduce the size of the hole support gussets.
That should speed the print time up a lot.
The prototype took 5 hours to print :open_mouth: