Twizy refuses to charge

Hi everyone

My car refuses to charge. It goes through the motions of charging and the fan kicks in and the graphics work but nothing. Someone suggested that I changed the 12v battery which I’ve done and it did charge once but thereafter it refuses to charge. The car is booked in to my local dealer but the last time I had a problem they told me the main battery needed replacing and that there weren’t any in the country and no word of lie the garage had the car for about 3 months. That was 2 years ago. I cannot believe the battery could have gone after 2 years. Anyone got any suggestions? Thank you very much

Are you a battery owner or do you lease the traction battery?
Sorry…so used to twizy chat I didn’t even think to ask what car this was!
Our neighbour had an EQ which had a traction battery issue. Eventually I believe they just replaced the whole car as it was a lease purchase.

I can believe that Andrew, Mercedes had our Smart EQ for 6 months with a ‘battery fault’ which is still not solved after having a replacement battery!

Hi Jeff. I have the battery on lease. Been paying £40 a month for 8 years. As I say they replaced my battery 2 years ago but I now wonder whether it was replaced with a reconditioned one.

What year is it?

The early Twizy chargers weren’t great and lots have been replaced. Any idea if its had its charger replaced?


According to rci when I spoke with them about a possible fault on mine, they are only obliged to replace the pack with a comparable one. So 5 years old holding ‘similar’ charge.
Also, if your pack drops below 70% SoH, then they only have to replace it with one hat holds 70%. Seems a waste of time as if the replacement loses capacity they have to replace it yet again.

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rumour has it there are no spare new battery packs :thinking:

Jeff this amazes me. I never knew the battery agreement would enable them to replace with a used one. Another way they win one over on those early adopters. It’s not even as if Renault try to push you to buy a Zoe.

Can Nathan / ZeroTwiz hurry up and get us a £3000 replacement battery please - one with 2020 technology that works and charges as the Twiz deserves!

It must be 2012 from memory. This November it would be 8 years old. I have no idea if the charger has been replaced. Not to my knowledge though. Thanks for the reply btw. Appreciated

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The contract stats that they will return it to above the agreed level, It doesn’t mean they will use second hand parts just they they only replace the battery modules that have failed or are below speck.

Still it’s a shame they don’t return it to new.

I think the cheapest Zero Twizy battery was £4400 and I don’t know of any they sold?

Maybe the lads from Zero can chip in?

I thought it was about that much. The same value as the car. The second / third time they do it - it has to be cheaper and I gather they have pulled it to swap for a better version - as they learn more. I appreciate full conversions like the mx5 are a EXPENSIVE choice- but would hope a battery pack and modern charger - but keeping the same drive train - should be a “simple” job.
Batteries have kept forward since 2012 and if zerotwiz managed the software interface- making the new battery talk to the charger and twizy - we cant be far away from a decent solution in the UK.

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