Twizy Renault Korea windows


(Dennis Bevers) #1

Hi everybody,

I am selling the original Renault Korea Twizy windows. These are as an official option, only available in Korea. Not the vinyl windows available everywhere else in the world but proper sealing Acrylic windows, with a very neat sliding windows on both sides.

420euro/set, including worldwide shipping.

Gr. Dennis

Twizy hindsight
(Arnold Truempi) #2

Dear Dennis

Looks like these are tinted. But I need clear ones. Renault has both options, clear ans tinted. Do you sell them as well?

Kind regards

(Sergio Blanco) #4

Hi, I am writing from Colombia and wanted to confirm the price including shipping for the clear and tinted ones. Thanks.

(Toby) #5

I have ordered the clear ones, should be here in a week or so.

(Marcel Meiberg) #6

Hello, question, How much light is there coming through the windows? in the Netherlands at least 70% of the light must pass, how is that with these ones?

(Toby) #7

My windows are clear, not the tinted ones. They are perfectly clear. I think tinted ones would be too dark to pass the 70% test

(Marcel Meiberg) #8

That’s my tougt also, but like the tiinted ones more, that’s why I asked…


I also prefer the tinted ones however it’s not worth the attention the local police would give it.

So clear ones it is but also a roll of 70% tint film is on order, it will be fiddly but just about manageable I think. Worth a go anyway!

(Mi Kl Berranger) #10

Is it possible and easy to uninstall for summer ?
What is thé mean to commande ?
Thank you

(Toby) #11

Yes, very easy, 3 screws each side and they come straight off

(Mi Kl Berranger) #12

OK Thanks !


Hey Dennis, do you still have the windows for sale?

(marijke) #14

hi do you still have these windows? or could you tell me where I can buy such windows? thanks