Twizy roof rack


(Luis Jaramillo) #1

For those that are looking for more space in their Twizy, I’ve got a roof rack made from stainless steel and able to hold up to 30kg. No need to drill any holes on the frame or cut any plastic. It uses a clamp style mount which makes it easy to remove. What do you guys think? If you have any questions please feel free to DM me.



(Talinc) #2

Where can I buy one?

(Lloyd Edwards) #3

Click on his name ’ Biglu33’ and send him a message :+1: .

(Luis Jaramillo) #4

Hi, sorry but the roof racks are all sold out already. No plans on making anymore for now.

(osbrook) #5

There is a free (ish) alternative roof rack here CarGo roof bars mounting instructions