Twizy Steel Wheels Wanted


(Andy) #1

Hi there. I am going to be getting my Twizzy in the next week or so. It comes with standard steel wheels and the snowflake trims and although i do like the idea of a set of alloy wheels, i prefer to put the money towards a second set of steels which i can modify / widen by banding. So my question is, does anybody have a spare set of steels they would sell after upgrading to alloys…and failing this, who would i approach in relation to purchasing a new set :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


(Dale Pearson) #2

Where abouts are you based Andy?

(Andy) #3

Hi there. I’m based in Derby :slight_smile:

(Dale Pearson) #4

Cool, not to far from me.
I am “thinking” about selling my steel Twizy wheels.
Are you looking for them with tyres or without? I have tyres on right now, but they are better than the ones on my Alloys so have been thinking about swapping them out.

(Andy) #5

Where abouts are you Dale? I don’t need the tyres :slight_smile:

(Dale Pearson) #6

Worcestershire, so about 80 ish miles.

(Andy) #7

OK. Keep me posted. Do you have a price in mind?

(Dale Pearson) #8

Not yet, I havent actually looked to see what the going rate is.


I’m also looking for a set of steel wheels, without tyres, if anyone has some I’d like to hear from you,.