Twizy stop light

(Mike) #1

Hi there. Driving along the road tonight, the stop and brake warning lights came on as I exited a roundabout. There was also an audible warning beep. Then it went off, came on again, went off again. It’s affected by bumps in the road. The brakes are working fine. Will check the brake fluid tomorrow morning. Anyone have any ideas? Car is now on charge, but the warning lights are still on. I’m thinking loose connection or water ingress as it’s very wet outside…

(Mike) #2

Twizy has finished charging and warning light is now off.

(osbrook) #3

Could be a loose connection to the 12V battery causing the Voltage to drop over bumps. So a full charge wold boost the 12V battery, which gets hammered at this time of year (Cold, Lights windscreen heater etc.) But also check the handbrake switch position.

(Mike) #4

The handbrake was fully off and I’ve never touched the 12v battery. I’ll check this tomorrow if the rain goes off!!

(powickh) #5

It could be charging unit is on its way out. I had similar problem which kept occurring intermittently for months then gave up all together 2 weeks ago. Charging unit replacer and problem gone.

(Mike) #6

Charger working fine. Book says it’s a problem in the braking system. Brakes are working fine. I’m gonna check the brake fluid reservoir. Just had some work done on the o/s calliper. Maybe something is loose, I.e. sensor or something. Bloody things!

(powickh) #7

Reply charging unit appeared to be working fine but intermittently got battery light fault. Even after months when car stopped in heavy rain and with half battery charge when recovered it would recharge. I think the unit may be used to perform other functions within the system.

(Mike) #8

I’m getting the brake warning and stop lights. I’ve checked the brake fluid, and it’s exactly half way between min and max. There doesn’t seem to be any electrical sensors going to the brake callipers. I’ve tried my obd reader, and it won’t connect with the car. What a pain in the hole! I’m just gonna keep driving it. Everything seems to be working fine with it. I’ll take it back to the garage that did the work and get him to check it over.

(osbrook) #9

I SAID the handbrake switch. Not the handbrake lever. I would still check the voltage of the 12v battery. How old is it?

It is the bumps that indicated a loose connection.

Also ask the garage they disconnected, like the 12v battery or a fuse.

The warning light doesn’t mean brakes. Which doesn’t help.

(Mike) #10

The car is a 2013, so the battery will be five years old. I’ll just take it to renaulypt and they can sort it out. The manual says if the brake and stop light are on then it’s a problem in the braking circuit. Thing is, the only 2 electrical bits on the braking system are the sensor on the fluid reservoir and the handbrake switch. Am I correct?

(osbrook) #11

5 year old battery on a Twizy is doing well. Mine was replaced at 6 years but may be that was over kill as I still have it on the bench it it appears fine. Others have had the battery swell up at 12 months. So worth checking it.

(David Bennett) #12

Out of interest, how much was the charging unit? Cheers David

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(Mike) #14

I got to the bottom of my problem. The brake fluid was low, although it was still halfway between the min and max marks. I would appear to have a wee leak. Keeping an eye on the level.

(V8mini) #15

My 2014 Twizy leaked from the rear calipers so that might be the first place to check.

I don’t think the level in mine dropped to half way even when the discs and pads were completely shot, so as you rightly say, keep an eye out!