Twizy tuning app online at Playstore


(Fetz Braun) #1


Just uploaded a simple tool to switch between 95 km/h maximum speed limit and the original values. The app is just overwriting, so don’t wonder if you use it in combination with other tuning tools.

You need a Maxiscan KW902 (the righ ELM327) bluetooth adapter for around 10 Euro.

Let me know your feedback!

(Craig D'alton) #2

Can you do something similar for the 45 to get to 60km/h?

(Fetz Braun) #3

This would be possible, but I thought there are nearly no T45 on the street…

(Vijay Kotecha) #4

This is great
I shall buy the adapter and see what happens.

What are the drawback of using the car at a higher speed than its designed to with respect to the motor?


Two main things, range and gearbox oil temperature. The gearbox has a maximum temperature rating but as of yet I’ve not seen anyone monitor it, or get the gearbox oil analysed to see if it’s breaking down.

(Fetz Braun) #6

Warning! It would be possible to develop this functionality, but currently the app is made for the twizy80. The app does not provide any means to go back to the original state of the t45.

Drawback of driving faster: It is not allowed :slight_smile:


OK so I tested this out yesterday :slight_smile:

So far, on a flat surface, only managed to get up to 55mph (from the factory 52mph limit). Needs more power!

(Fetz Braun) #8

Hi tw_sjo,

this App currently only removes the speed limit and does not yet modify the available power. But I am wondering, because without any power mods it is possible to reach the 100 km/h (62 mph) limit.

Maybe the wind was coming from the wrong side :slight_smile:


Maybe, the road used for testing wasn’t very long either :slight_smile:

(Håvard Hardy) #10

Where do you plug the ODB2? : )

(Fetz Braun) #11

If you search my app within the play store app, you can see a tutorial movie. When you search my app with a browser, there is no video.

(Krzysztof ) #12

Very please for the version for the twizy 45 :yum:

(Aneta Sroka) #13

And will it work in twizy 45 ?

(Tobias Sakket) #14

I was not able to get it to work. The 90 and 80 icons where visible, but I was not able to execute the reprogramming.

(Fetz Braun) #15

Twizy 45 will be supported in half a year earliest, when I will touch the code again.

(Fetz Braun) #16

@T-Bone: Which Twizy date has been displayed?

(Aneta Sroka) #17

Are there any advances? :slight_smile:

(Aneta Sroka) #18

??? Are there any advances?

(alex) #19

hello! any update on the app? Does it actually work on older and newer Twizy with updated firmware?

(Aneta Sroka) #20

Are there any advances? Please replay