Twizy Wheel Adapters

Hey Guys, new to he Forum but have been running a few Twizys for a couple of years now.

I am working with ZERO EV in Bristol on a 100BHP conversion for one of my cars, clearly I am going to need to get some wider tyres for the rear and widen the track to cope with the power. Before I have a set of adapters made for the car I wonder if anyone has any or knows where to buy either direct replacement wheels with a three stud pattern or the adapters to go to a four stud pattern and broaden the choice of wheels?

Thanks in advance. Nath

Hi Nathan.

I think a lot of people will be interested in this project. I’m certainly one, and as I live in Bristol, I’d love to see how it’s going when we are finally allowed out.
With regards to wheels and adaptors, there are plenty of threads with loads of information. There are a large number of handy people on the forum who have turned some up themselves and can make custom ones for you…


I think the easiest and definitely cheapest way is to ‘band’ a set of steel rims as done by Andy Borrows -

That also gives you a chance to play with the deep dish look

But but but - if you are going to upgrade the brakes anyway, which I guess would include new discs, then you would be somewhat free to choose the bolt pattern you want, or?

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Thanks guys. I’ll start looking through the forum. Banded steelies do sound very cool - reminiscent of the VW mod scene. And an industrial look will suit the monster this will hopefully become.

I spoke with Chris from ZERO EV today, he is pulling the car apart from Monday and I will have a full list of items for sale and know more about the specs.

I’ve promised no spoilers, but I can say I’ve asked him to enable it to drift and have a hydro handbrake. These guys are pretty good, so there is every chance this will happen :grin::crazy_face::hospital:

These look the ticket. Does anyone have contact details for Andy?

PM him @W0lfgang

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Hey Nathan
I have made a few sets of adapters for my Twizy and have a set for sale. If you require a bispoke set for your choice of wheels just let me know and I can make them for you. They are £200 per set +p&p
If you have a drawing of what you require give me a shout no problem
Post some pictures as I’m keen to see your project
Thanks Brian

Thanks Brian, that’s great to know. Once I’ve got an idea of the wheels I’m going for I will let you know the stud pattern and see what’s what :slight_smile:

This is a great forum!

No Problem I have a full CNC workshop so if you need anything to get you sorted just let me know I went for old school mini lites from JBW they look good yoko tyres and loads of grip


It’s either that or the banded steelies I cant decide between. I’ve seen mini lites on a Twizy and it does look good.

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+1 on the mini lites.
If and when we know the fall out of the current situation and I can start splurging money again, this is exactly what is next on the hit list!

Mini lites are iconic!

Personally I would never use them on a Renault. If you are going to spend the money on custom spacers and a set of rims I would go for a staggered setup of classic Turbo 2 rims.

As in Zender Turbo 2 rims? I liked those.

I think something from the Renault back catalogue would be a nice touch. I might start a thread on the 100hp and get some suggestions for what to do with the build. It’s a blank canvas at the moment. Just a silly idea which grew legs!!

I’m pretty excited a out it, though. As Covid projects go, this one is kinda fun :wink:

The Zenders are wicked and also the TRX, but I was actually thinking about the Maxi as they look god any color.

Personally I think it has to be a staggered setup on the Twizy with very visible difference between front and rear.

I’m with you. There’s a lot can be done to make these things even more interesting. I’m looking forward to this build!

It all depends on the colour plan for the car.
Iconic and Renault, it has to be gold Clio Williams rims.

I couldn’t agree more. I would wrap the car to get the colour scheme!

I used to have one of those :slight_smile:

while dreaming of this

Wow. So cool. A Clio V6 is still in my bucket list of cars.

The Williams fetch real money now. Great car, though

Clio V6 is a future classic. Sold my Williams back in 1996 way too cheap.

So when my wife wanted a new car I said ok, but said no to sell the Abarth 695C Edizione Maserati she was driving.

Perfect tribute car with Maserati paint and leather and neptun wheels. I just love driving it. It’s no. 124 of 499 made :slight_smile: