Twizy Wheels upgrade

(Keith) #1

Hi Everyone,

Just fitted the powerbox (thank you Kenneth)and now want to do the wheels. I have ordered the adapter from Elia Tuning and now want to get the wheels to fit.

Looking to go for Team Dymanics 15" is there anyone who can advise what I should order. The company’s all want to know what car they are for and sort of get lost once you mention a Twizy.

So I want to try and maintain the speedometer as functional and from my little knowledge and Google the way ahead is…

15" 4/100 PCD 7js with 185/50/15 will be + 0.2% but it is the offset that is stopping me from ordering them. The standard wheel is ET 23.5, the spacer is 25mm is the offset of 35mm ok? If I am honest the last sentence means nothing to me at all.

Have I missed the point and is there a string on here that describes all of this and I can’t find it?

Andy Kirby is doing the same but there is no wheel information.


(Roel) #2

You have to use a tyre comparison tool. It gives you a way of experimenting with different rims, and tyres. Also the offset can be changed accordingly.

PS: I used and the result was perfect. By means of this tool I could calculate the thickmess of my adapters to realize that the inside of the new wheels kept a clearance to the feet of the original fenders. Why was that: the fitting of new wheels and tyres is not difficult, the fabrication of fitting fenders is.

I dropped your numbers in and it looks good!
(These numbers are for the rear wheels. The front wheels need other tyres)

(Keith) #3

Well I did it new wheels on 15” 195x50 15” looks and drives amazing. No loss of speed corners without drift. Steering wheel next job. Got a great double D race wheel to go on steering will be a little heavier.