Twizy Windows Aftermarket


(Ben Herron) #21

I have the older model with velcro, i didnt like the idea of magnets personally

(Kuki Bajker) #22

You already did a mistake when you use superglue. Silycone, PE and PP plastics is not very suitable for liquid glues. There are some special and rare glues for that sorts of plastics. If you interested, search the web.
I have the best experience with selfadhesive 2 sidded 3M tape. Both sides (not the sides of the tape :grinning:) must be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and dried before. Work at around 20 deegre Celsius is best with that 3M tape and wait for sure at least 2 hours before load.

(Gayle Richards) #23

Thanks for the tip Kuki I will buy the tape you suggest.

(Luis Jaramillo) #24

Those same windows are now for sale for 395euro.

(Bjørn Eilertsen) #25

What windows are for sale for 395 euros, the Korean ones? If so, could you point me to where?

(Luis Jaramillo) #26

395 Hi Bjorn, yes the Korean windows are for sale. I’ll be receiving 2 pairs sometime next week.

(Johnny) #27

Hi Luis

Do you have a link to those windows ?

Regards, Johnny

(Wayne Parslow) #28

I’ve to got the TWY Rain windows and while they work well they rattle like crazy

(Bjørn Eilertsen) #29

@Biglu33 That’s great, but where did you find them :smiley: