Twizy Windows Aftermarket

Good idea. I think I would get them double sewn by a person that makes boat sails or something to make the ends strong.

For anyone that wants clear windows, I have 2 sets left ready to ship and I also have 4 tinted window set.

Hello Luis

I want a tinted pair. How can I make the purchase.

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Hi Hugo, I sent you a DM.

Dear Twizy drivers,

Disappointed with @GarageEv - this is no personal criticism, but it should be shared as this is not fair.

In December 2018 I ordered some windows from, but they arrived broken here in Switzerland. After consultation with the delivery service, the windows were not packed properly / safe enougth (no cardboard, …). @GarageEv sent me a second batch of windows, but they arrived again broken (this time in a cardboard, but not sufficient buffer material). After this experience I wanted my money back, but @GarageEv asked me first to send the windows back (absolutely not ecological as they cannot be used like this and it doesn’t really make sense as I shared pictures of the broken windows, but as it’s stated in the terms of sales… ). Well, I sent both windows sets back to Spain on my costs telling the delivery service it’s a return of damaged goods. @GarageEv was contacted by the spanish customs to accept the goods (I also pushed a few times), but they didn’t react and the brocken windows came back to switzerland, where I had again to pay additional return shipping costs. After several unsuccessful trials to contact @GarageEv to get my money back I decided to share it here… a) to understand if other people experienced this and b) to warn potential interested Twizy drivers from ordering Twizy windows at @GarageEv . I’m very disapointed as I still not have my money back and even had to pay on top for return shipping to Spain and then again back to Switzerland due to no pick-up by @GarageEv. If @GarageEv sees this post they may potentially react, who knows?

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hi where do I buy this windows?

Look for the Korean windows re-stocked post on here

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Hi @matwizy,

Hecha un vistazo a nuestras ventanas Twizy.

Windows 100 compatible with your Twizy. Quick and easy assembly, you won’t have to modify the door of your Renault Twizy to install our window.

:heavy_check_mark: NEW IMPROVED VERSION Ⓡ

Made of polymethylmethacrylate: It stands out against other transparent plastics in terms of weather resistance, transparency and scratch resistance. For these qualities it is used in the automobile industry, as in the headlights of the car for its greater hardness, better sharpness and more brightness.

  • Lighter and more flexible
  • Even easier to install
  • Includes special screws for installation
  • 3mm thick polymethylmethacrylate material.
  • Transparent
  • Fully acrylic structure with sliding window.
  • Security plate with cylindrical lock
  • Lock on the 2 windows.
  • Plush rubber profile around the perimeter to prevent water from entering
  • Easily installed with the original screws
  • You don’t have to modify anything on the door to mount it.
  • It can be removed and put back on as many times as you want.
  • Polymethylmethacrylate material has more strength than glass.
  • 2 inner Velcro straps for added grip and security
  • Cannot be cleaned with acetone, hydrocarbons, or harsh chemicals.

2 Years Warranty

Hello Biglu33. Do you still have windows to sell. Please contact me [email protected]

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Hi Manie good morning. Just sent you an email.

Dear Twizy drivers,

I got the refund from @GarageEv. Thus, finally all good.




Thank you so much for everything,

We wish you a great day.

A greeting

Hi Biglu33. I’m after a set of clear Korean windows but can’t figure out how to PM you. Can you please PM me and we’ll take it from there (if you still handle them).

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Hi, I’ll send you a PM now.

Thank you guys for the orders. All have been shipped out.

Do you still sell the windows, what is the rate? Incl shipping to Belgium.

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Hi Thimo, yes, windows are still available. Total price is 465euro with shipping included. Shipping is about 10 to 15 business days more or less.

Nice solution.

We are restocked and ready for more orders. If anyone is still interested we have both clear and tinted windows available.