Twizy Windows Aftermarket


(Toby) #66

Good idea. I think I would get them double sewn by a person that makes boat sails or something to make the ends strong.

(Luis Jaramillo) #67

For anyone that wants clear windows, I have 2 sets left ready to ship and I also have 4 tinted window set.

(Hugo Tomas) #68

Hello Luis

I want a tinted pair. How can I make the purchase.

(Luis Jaramillo) #69

Hi Hugo, I sent you a DM.


Dear Twizy drivers,

Disappointed with @GarageEv - this is no personal criticism, but it should be shared as this is not fair.

In December 2018 I ordered some windows from, but they arrived broken here in Switzerland. After consultation with the delivery service, the windows were not packed properly / safe enougth (no cardboard, …). @GarageEv sent me a second batch of windows, but they arrived again broken (this time in a cardboard, but not sufficient buffer material). After this experience I wanted my money back, but @GarageEv asked me first to send the windows back (absolutely not ecological as they cannot be used like this and it doesn’t really make sense as I shared pictures of the broken windows, but as it’s stated in the terms of sales… ). Well, I sent both windows sets back to Spain on my costs telling the delivery service it’s a return of damaged goods. @GarageEv was contacted by the spanish customs to accept the goods (I also pushed a few times), but they didn’t react and the brocken windows came back to switzerland, where I had again to pay additional return shipping costs. After several unsuccessful trials to contact @GarageEv to get my money back I decided to share it here… a) to understand if other people experienced this and b) to warn potential interested Twizy drivers from ordering Twizy windows at @GarageEv . I’m very disapointed as I still not have my money back and even had to pay on top for return shipping to Spain and then again back to Switzerland due to no pick-up by @GarageEv. If @GarageEv sees this post they may potentially react, who knows?

(marijke) #71

hi where do I buy this windows?

(Toby) #72

Look for the Korean windows re-stocked post on here