Twizzing around London

(system) #1

I took my Twizy out for a spin around town last night since it was such a beautiful evening, here are some of my photos.

(James Cook) #2

Looking good!

Maybe we should do a London meet up?

(system) #3

I would be up for that.
Westminster offers free parking and congestion for EVs so it would be great to meet there, outside a famous landmark perhaps. I would like to see just how many Twizys will fit into a single parking space and hopefully attract enough attention to encourage other boroughs to offer similar EV incentives, particularly for narrow track vehicles.

(Lightly) #4

Good pics, the car looks at home in that environment.
love to do a meet , but it’s a bit far for me.

(James Cook) #5

Well, I’m in Westminster every day. Just let me know when you’re about!

(system) #6

Good pics :cool:

And also around London area so could meet up as well subject to work etc…

(system) #7

Thats great, I think we need at least 3 cars to call it a meet. I’m away until September but I can suggest a couple of dates, Thursday 6th Sept or Saturday 8th Sept, at a Westminster location to be confirmed.

(James Cook) #8

I’m actually away on those days. Typical. Will have to be the week after

(Bassflex) #9

That is uber clean and shiny!

(system) #10

I gave it a quick go with the Turtle Wax that evening, it makes a big difference even on a brand new car. Doesn’t look like that now sadly since I park under a tree most of the time.
Because the Twizy is open, the interior is difficult to keep clean. At this time of year I am going to be constantly removing leaves from it.