Type 2 Charger Group Buy

Guys, I was speaking to Chris Hazell at Zero EV about Type 2 charging, a few people have asked about mine.

If there are 10 people who are interested in buying one Chris will produce a run for sale. The price is £360, it might go down if there are enough.

It does not work in all instances. The really sophisticated chargers which require constant power won’t work, but the Source London and normal domestic type 2 chargers seem fine.

Let me know if people are keen and I’ll talk to him about product a run and some gone fit instructions. If you’ve got two hands you should be able to fit it!

I know out west, there are a lot of Polar and Pod-Point (mainly at supermarkets) chargers. I guess there would have to be some kind of list of barter that the system doesn’t work with.
As mentioned before, EVBitz has a great solution that maybe could be incorporated?

The EVbits 3 pin to type 2 never really worked for me. I’ll get some more info on this and add to the thread.