Understeer on roundabouts

(Peter) #21

I’d be interested to see these also.


(Roel) #22

And here are the photos.

(Peter) #23

That’s great.

I think I’ll be doing this to mine soon.

Many thanks.


(Peter) #24

I’m keen on going for slightly over sized tyres and tyres that have better grip in the wet.

According to Oponeo’s website the range of tyre width suitable for the Twizy’s 4Bx13 rims is 125 to 165. This doesn’t consider whether they will clear the bodywork but Roel has already done that bit.

The charts below show there’s little difference in diameter by increasing width by 20mm and reducing profile from 80 to 70.



I’ve done a bit of research and the wet grip rating of the OEM tyres isn’t great and, surprisingly, neither is the fuel efficiency rating?

It’s not the easiest thing searching for matching tyres of different sizes but I now have a short list of three options - shown below.

I’m favoring Goodyear at the moment but any further experience would be much appreciated.


(Bas) #25

Hi Roel,

wow great job. Loving the white indicators as well! Where’d you get them if I may ask? How’s the overall stability with these tires on? Did you push it to the limit? I’m always a bit hesitant on adding to much grip in narrow vehicles because of the chance of it tipping over!

(Roel) #26

Some years ago I bought the indicators from a fellow Twizy enthousiast in Germany. Too lazy to buy the chrome indicator lamps for it. But these lamps will fit. you only have to modify the connectors. If you don’t like to modify the connectors search for 8KA 152 134-007

It really is a no brainer to switch to the wider tires. I guarantee you a more stable ride. Roundabouts are not dangerous anymore for the immense understeer you get with the normal tyres at speed. And trust me you will not tip over with the wider ones.