VIN and OBD port question

(Julian) #1

I’m rebuilding a Twizy that has was stripped of many parts, basically the electronics have gone. I’m collecting all the bits I need. I can get a second hand ECU/ body control module but how do I then change the VIN in the ECU to match the Chassis? To be fair, I don’t even know if the ECU has the VIN stored. If not - the problem goes away.


(osbrook) #2

I don’t think the Twizy is that clever/complex. The Zoe does but not the Twizy.

(Toby) #3

I have a spare old style charger unit. I changed it as it was a bit fussy on input voltage which can be a pain when out and about.

(Jeff) #4

Hi Julian.
Did you resolve the BCM issue?
Was it a simple operation or does it need flashing to your vehicle vin?
I know Renault supply these parts new.