WANTED: Sevcon

I have a poor dead Twizy, does anyone have a sevcon unit I can buy for a Twizy 80, I believe the part number is: 291A58343R

There is one in the UK on eBay.

Is not plug and play component… good luck!


@Mincu_Mircea yes I need to sort out the vin number I believe. Not easy from the looks of it

How much will Renault charge to buy new and clip code to your vin?

I have a working one. When I bought my Twizy to stay on my own battery I changed the sevon with a curtis controller. If you want me write to: [email protected]

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f you can open it you will not succeed. Inside, there are clips that push the transistors to the cooler. One people from Russia who is and is repeating. They control not being repaired ?!

£684 for the Sevcon alone :sob:

Do you have the UCH to go with it, looks like you can’t change the VIN in the sevcon unit

Just give Kenneth Nilsen a call and buy a modified controller from him.
You get a controller with a Power Box Mini to add more fun driving the Twizy.
Just installed one a few days ago and I`m very happy with it.
No programming, no VIN swabs, just install and drive.


I have for Twizy 45. I can sell it for You

I was thinking of this, however how much did it cost?

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Hi. The reliable price is 250 USD for used Sevcon in Poland. It is ok for You?

I payed €650,- for the controller and €26,- for shipping to the Netherlands with DHL express.
Delivered is 2 days, mounted in 1,5 hour.
I drive a 2018 Twizy and can`t use a power box due to some Renault modifications in the new Sevcon controllers.
So this was the only option I had. Despite the use of this non original Gen 4 controller, after installing it works. Plug and play as they say…