What are the like to drive

(william milburn) #1

im looking for one when i sell the leaf, so what are the like to drive on a daily basses.



Absolutely fine! But anything else will feel like a tank once you’ve got used the the extremely light steering and ridiculously small turning circle.

Just make sure you buy the 22kW charging option.


They’re nippy and fun, a bit like a Twizy but more premium and warmer!

(John Wilson) #4

I have a ForFour EQ, which I took delivery of back in July. It’s a great car to drive, holds the road like its glued down, best turning circle of any car I have driven and has reasonable range (just over 100 miles in the summer) but (there’s always a but) it has very harsh suspension, so you will feel every pot hole and bump. The seating is reasonable, but with the cold weather of recent weeks it down to 80 mile range, use the heating and your down to 60 miles. The Heated driver seat is a bit too hot for comfort, the steering wheel heater is about right. The switch for the seat and steering wheel is down the side of the drivers seat next to the door and it is difficult to use as it’s push on, push off with a red warning light when on, which you can’t see without stopping and opening the drivers door. The boot is fine for 5 large shopping bags plus charging cable. Back seats are only good for children or very small, thin adults. Tons of room in the front though. Things to note, make sure Mercedes sets up the control app on your phone or tablet. Strongly recommend you have a wall charger fitted.

(John Williams) #5

Not had as much enjoyment from driving since the launch of the first mini. Low end acceleration is fantastic.