What is this part?


(Richard) #1

I found this in the boot of my Cargo the other day. It either came from inside the boot or was put there while the car was being MOTed a few weeks ago

Its about 12 cm long.

Any idea what it is and where it comes from?


(Roel) #2

That’s simple :slight_smile: It is a cover inside the cargo section. Behind that cover you’ll find the VIN-number of your Twizy.
It has to be removed to check the ID of the car.

Sitting on the couch, I believe that you’ll find the hole in the right side of the panel under the door frame.

(Paul Chapman) #3

Would be nice if they replaced any covers they removed though

(Richard) #4

Thanks for your help. It is now reinstalled !


Does anyone know what THIS part is?

I opened the storage behind the back seat, and never noticed, there is a plastic part behind the elastic straps. Any idea what it is for??

(Sebastian Krigholm) #6

If you use babychair så you need this for the belt…

(David Ferguson) #7

You plug it in to the rear seatbelt latch before you put the upturned rear seat in place when using it as a lockable storage compartment.


As I couldn’t visualize either of the last two responses, I got to seeing for myself. Amazing!!! It’s a cumbersome process, but an extra little storage compartment could be super useful in a bind!