What people say about the Twizy

(mender) #1

I’m loving the response the Twizy gets from everyone, but in our (traditional, rural!) town it is like driving a UFO around and my wife and I are now running bets on whether we can even get to the cashpoint and back without someone speaking to us!
I am very outgoing and love chatting, but my wife hates the attention as she is a very quiet person and struggles with the hordes!

I’m sure there are more questions, but these seem to be the top ten that I get asked while driving the Twizy, in order of popularity:

1/ How far does it go on a charge?
2/ How long does it take to charge?
3/ How many mpg/how much £ for a charge?
4/ How much is the tax?
5/ How much do they cost?
6/ How fast does it go?
7/ Can you take it on a motorway?
8/ Where did you get that from?
9/ Is it just a one-seater?
10/ Is it automatic or manual?

When you explain there are no windows (most assume you have wound them down)
1/ Do you get wet?!

Favourite funnies so far:
1/ If you drive it into a flood, do you get electrocuted? (or do all the fish float to the top?)
2/ Is it a new invalid carriage?
3/ Hey, that seats perfect for you-its got a fart hole!
4/ Look!! -a Smart Car and a golf buggy had a BABY!

What has been the response to your Twizy? Do you enjoy the constant attention?
What is the daftest question you have been asked or daftest remark you have overheard?

(Lightly) #2

My Twizy sits outside the workshop most days, and occasionally I get a very inquisitive person will come inside to ask about the car.Usually all the ones mentioned, but you forgot “do you need a car licence to drive it ?”
I find it interesting to gauge peoples reaction, Iam used to this as I have had many odd cars. Lots of people act as if its not there, some will ridicule it, some love it. I find just the same whatever the “odd” car, my GT3 RS Porsche is just the same, it is bright orange, but people will still ignore it.
I went to Decathlon tonight , which is next to Ikea, so very busy. The amount of interest is quite amazing, people love to look at the car, especially if there is no one near it.
I reckon it would be amusing to put a Gopro in the car, and then just record the people looking at it. Probably be surprised at the footage.

(mender) #3

I find the reaction is the best of any vehicle I have driven as people like the cuteness and styling of it but do not think it as flash or showy.
A gopro would be fun!

On misty days, I just want mine to be wrapped in luminescent material and dress up as an alien just for kicks.
Oh, Halloween draws near…!

I did get “can you drive it on a bike licence?”

Another Charger Bites the Dust

This is a great idea! Someone please fit a hidden camera to a Twizy :slight_smile:

(osbrook) #5

It’s how I find my car in large car parks - just look for a group of people round a car.
The Twizy will be in the middle some where.

(ecofunkytravel) #6
  1. Couldn’t you put a solar panel on it to keep the battery charged?
  2. What about a small wind turbine to charge the battery as you move along?

(mender) #7

If you gave it the Tesla power pack, you would have a Twizla!

(Bassflex) #8

I have thought about doing something like that for when I get mine in a few weeks for my next video, but speed it up abit.

Though thought about filming from a distance rather than leaving a camera in the car.

Another Charger Bites the Dust
(KoenVdH) #9
  1. Does it fly as well?

(Bassflex) #10

Look theres that shopping trolley with a roof.

(Normsthename) #11

I did get “can you drive it on a bike licence?”

Next time tell them "Yes you can! "
You can drive a Twizy on a B1 Licence if you passed your Bike test before 2001 :smiley:
I will be driving the Twizy on my B1 Licence like I already drive my Petrol Microcar :slight_smile:


(Trevor) #12

My best one was an elderly posh lady wobbled up and asked if you could drive it “under the influence”…

(TwizyWindows) #13

Best question was from me to a chinese family of three I found inside mine in George Square one Sunday Afternoon ( before I fitted windows ) along the lines of “what the hell are you doing in my car”? :redface: