Where do I fit this?

(Normsthename) #1

Thinking about getting a Twizy, would like to know from owners where these items fit? :razz:


Also listed on Ebay for the Twizy :-

Sparkplug Spanner
Clutch Fluid
Rear View Mirror
Radweld for a leaking radiator
Jump Leads
Engine Flush Oil
Gearbox Oil Leak repair
Rear Screen Demister repair Kit
Hydraulic Valve Lifter Fix



(system) #2

I’ve seen this too…people desperate to sell things to anyone.

Too hot for driving around in a Twizy
(system) #3

With the right adaptor you might be able to fit it to the chimney of your nearest power station :wink:

Too hot for driving around in a Twizy
(mender) #4

They’re just confusing it with the Twingo…