Why don't the dealers want to sell me a new twizy?

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Hi Rammmers, I’m thinking of buying a new Twizy so was wondering how much the ‘Motor Controller’ and the ‘Power Box’ is.

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I don’t think they want to support them anymore and are quietly trying to get rid of them. I bought a demonstrator last summer for £3700 from renault in Wakefield ( with only 500 miles on he clock but no doors or windows) and they couldn’t have been more helpful. They did a 5 year finance deal also so I am paying £77 pm and £46 pm battery lease. They aren’t really a vehicle for U.K. so I suspect support will be pulled quite soon. I advise anyone to buy a cheap used one.


Hi Oldie

The bloke to speak to about that is Kenneth who makes the Powerbox.
[email protected]
There are various options he offers so best off getting a price direct. He is extremely approachable and knowledgeable.


Losing the will to exist.
After persuading my local dealer they wanted to sell me a twizy it was ordered and I was told delivery this week.
After much chasing for an update they have come back to me today saying it is stuck in France as ‘all twizys have a technical block’ whatever that means.

I have been sent a screen print of their system which shows it as delayed and delivery date missed.

More updates tomorrow i’m told. How hard is it to buy a new twizy!!!


Incidentally the screenshot I was sent shows it was built 23/11/2018.
I have also seen the term ‘technical block’ used when they ran out of paint on a different model.

As this was built many months ago it must be they have found a fault on it, no doubt 8 months of standing idle has buggered the battery…

Hmmmm second thoughts creeping up…

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For what it is worth, I would consider one that physically exists in a UK dealers stock such as this

This dealer is really enthusiastic about Twizys and always seems to have new and used examples for sale. If you do go for one that is in a UK dealer’s stock, I can thoroughly recommend this company to collect and deliver it for you https://www.vetrans.co.uk/ The owner Paul, has done two delivery jobs for me recently at a most competitive price. He collected my Twizy from near Huntingdon and delivered it to Norwich for £150.

(Andrew J Bell) #27

I forgot to mention that when I first used Vetrans it was through the AnyVan brokerage system. The second job I booked direct and the price was even more competitive.


One of the issues I have is that I am in west cumbria so for me to travel down south to dealers that have them can take 6 hours.

I was in discussions with a place in Croydon that had a pre reg’d one however they wanted £500 to deliver it to me. It was only £50 cheaper than a new one so I didn’t see that it was worth going for.

Even that one on autotrader appears to be priced almost £500 more than what I am paying and then I would have delivery on top.

That is why I have elected to go with a local, ish, dealer. The major downside was that they really didn’t want to sell me one and insisted on a hefty none refundable deposit. They said should they order one in and I changed my mind they would never sell it up here, I am inclined to agree as there are none up here, so they would only entertain me should I pay upfront as it were. So I am trapped with them currently. Not that this it is in anyway their fault I might add and it was my choice to pay such a deposit as I want one and they can’t help that Renault have discovered a problem with it.

I’m sure it will appear one day, probably when it starts snowing…

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Good job the Twizy handles the snow better than most Vehicles.

I thought that the new UK Twizys move from dealer to dealer round the country. Obviously only to the EV dealers not the usual Renault dealers.


After much chasing the dealer for an update, them in turn chasing Renault, they have come back to me with an update.

To recap, new twizy was en route from down south to my local dealer, it vanished for a night, ended up in france. Now i’m told it is still at the factory in spain. The factory is shut until 20/08/19 so until then there are no more updates.

Needless to say I have told them to shove it up their exhaust pipes.

Assuming I can get my deposit back that will be the end of it. I will still be getting one, just not that one.

We shall see if they try and keep the deposit. Whilst it was a ‘non refundable’ one that was based on if I changed my mind once the dealer had bought the twizy. As it is still at the factory I doubt any money has changed hands, the terms of purchase aren’t what was agreed therefore I can’t see how they can argue.

Not very happy. It seems Renault don’t want to sell me a twizy!

(Peter) #31

What about this one?

Having recently paid £5400 for a 64 plate 7000 mile Twizy this seems quite a bargain!


That one is on my radar albeit I am put off by the last mot advisory of rear disks. Pads as well but that doesn’t bother me.

If I can retrieve my deposit from the dealer I may go and take a peak. Bit of a trek like, still 4 hours from me.
I am picking a trailer up on sunday (south london, another trek!) purely for twizy transportation so that side of it will be sorted.

I shall contact the chap I think. Thanks for the link Peter.

(osbrook) #33

I think my last 3 MOT’s have had the same advisory about rear discs. Lots of MOT places only see big cars with thick disks and don’t understand the thinner disks on Motorbikes and Quads.

Just check for yourself. But yes the rear disks are the most expensive ones.but still less than you will save from buying new.


Indeed, the disk on my harley which weighs around 350kg with me on it only has one disk on the front and its all of 5mm thick.

Got a price of £310 for both disks, that doesn’t sound too bad to me. I’m sure i’ve seen people on here mention 600 odd, maybe that was fitted. I have a ramp in my garage so can do anything required myself.