Windows for Twizy

(Anders L) #21

Does anyone in Stockholm have the “Twy Rain” windows on their Twizy?

(Victoria) #22

I’ll see if I can’t post pics tomorrow, if no one else does that before me :yum:

Or can I post pics from my iPhone? Haven’t found that it’s possible :neutral_face:

(Victoria) #23

Here are two pics, hope they are good enough :see_no_evil: :yum:

The holders with renault window mounted

The arrows show where the three screws are.

(osbrook) #24

Where is the door release handle? Is now just that strap?

(Victoria) #25

It’s just out of the pic, it’s before the first screw in the front.
You can see the handle on this pic


Nice. Thanks! Not to be too picky, but could you take a side/profile pic from the outside with the door closed? It looks like the back/top corner of the door may well be a bit edgier than the older models.


(Victoria) #27

Here are some pics, hope they will do :wink:

(Yay I found how I post pics from my iPhone :smirk: )

(Kevin) #28

Yes. Please contact me.


(Fredrik) #29

Hello again!
Im looking for windows to the Twizy.
The Carwindows webshop windows have a curvature. I was sent some pictures from them:
Someone in the forum that have these and can comment?

Think they look better and maybe the curvature makes the cabin more roomy?


(Fredrik) #30

Hello again!
Ordered the windows from Holland yesterday and got a message that they are in the mail!


(Victoria) #31

Interesting! Tell us what you think of it when you’ve mounted them :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered the italian ones from e-bay and will mount them on thursday :slight_smile: I’m so excited! Can’t mount them earlier as my twizy will be in repair on thursday for some scratches and effing up the local dealer did when they mounted the renault windows on the day I picked it up :unamused:

(Fredrik) #32

Hello again!
Sorry to hear that, mine has also spent a day at the dealer.
4 wheels alignment was needed, the steering wheel was off center and the twizy didnt want to go strait.


(Fredrik) #33

The Windows are on the Twizy!
There is nothing but the angle that keeps the window against the rubber gasket. It has some pressure so I think it will be fine even in motorway speed.
I also added a gasket in the bottom of the door, looks promising as well!
Bought an 12V electric blanket today, works really good!



Hi there, Ive find the company of the one I think youve brought was it made by Yecolo.

If so this was the one I liked best out of the three options, but was unsure about the:

  1. quality whether the front part would fall off whilst driving, or last long looks a little flimsy

  2. The tint, I am not sure if the UK road laws would allow the tint at the front.

Please your feed/advise welcome,

thank you :slight_smile:

(Normsthename) #35

Yes, they are the exact Windows I have on my Twizy.
I’ve had the windows fitted for three years and the front part is still fine.
The tint is not very dark, I was worried when I bought them because they looked dark on the video, but they are actually a very light tint.

Just be aware that I had to do a major mod to the left hand window, it would not fit in the door aperture and I had to cut the steel frame down, reweld it and get it re-powder Coated!
Luckily I am in the engineering business so it was easy for me to to do the mods.
The problem was my Twizy left door aperture was a lot smaller then the right side, one of the problems of a hand built car!

I do not know if these windows are still available.




I have Twy Rain windows, and I am really pleased with them. They keep the cold wind (and rain) out. I will remove the windows in summer time, because when the sun is out, it gets really hot. I also like that they come with a lock.


thanks for the reply, and the advise, will the tint pass uk law?, has said i can have it not tinted but i like the tint so would prefer it if its ok.

I am worried about the left side now as Im not an engineer and have no clue how to do what you describe? and advise :slight_smile:

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


hi fredick, where did you get your electric blanket thanks

(Fredrik) #39

Regarding the electric blanket, it was at a shop called Biltema, they are famous for selling really low quality carparts. But they have some things that is actually very good. I have seen similar blankets on ebay.

About the windows from Holland, they fit very well, they are shaped to fit the form of the car and they are one piece. There are no velcro tabs, and nothing that can scratch the paintwork. The window comes with seals that sticks to the door hole and when closed, the windows have light pressure agains the seals. It is a little harder to close the door but that can also depend on the seals that I put on at the bottom of the doors.

Without windows the sound level was almost unbearable inside road-tunnels. I can even hear the stereo now in the tunnels. And not to talk about how warm and cosy it feels when it is 5 degres Celsius in the mornings!



Hi Fredrik thank you so much for taking time to reply to me, it was appreciated. Please can you send me a link to the blanket both at Biltema and ebay. Does the blanket charge from the twizy battery? thanks