Windows for Twizy

(Fredrik) #41

The link to the one i bought:
Similar on Ebay:

Burt search around, this was in the us and ordering from us i usally expensive.



Thank you so much Fred for taking time to do this much appreciated thanks


Hi Fred, does this take much power using the blanket? how much bars, and is the blanket warm thanks

(Fredrik) #44

I think it consumes 57 watts, about the same as one headlight. I have not seen any delcline in range at all.
It warmes just enough to feel warm and comfy. Im sitting on it and wrap around my legs and thar is perfekt when 5 C in the mornings!

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I’ve mounted the twy rain Windows and I love them! :heart_eyes:

I’ve also mounted two led light lamps to lighten the cabin, one in the front and one in the back. Below are pics when the lights are off and also on.

And since I didn’t choose the Bluetooth-kit I’ve put in two smaller speakers, Sony SRS-XB3 and I’ve connected them together for stereo sound and the sound is awesome! :sunglasses: when I’m not using them I store them in the glove department :+1:

Here are some pics :slight_smile:


How long does it take to remove the TWY Rain windows from the Twizy?
Can it be done on a regular basis?
Same question for the windows from Holland.
Thanks in advance,



Great picture. These little guys are narrow narrow narrow.

(Victoria) #48

It doesn’t take long at all to remove the twy-rain, not more than 5 minutes :slight_smile: it takes a bit longer to mount them though, maybe 10 minutes. It goes faster when you’ve done it a few times :slight_smile:


Thanks Vicki,

I think the twy-rain looks the best. Is it the same as I found here?

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Yes, it’s those windows :+1: :slight_smile:


Hi interested in what you say about the Renault windows. I have the twy rain ones and took them off as soon as I got the car. I was thinking of getting the Renault ones so I could have them in when there was a passenger but zip them out when I was on my own but from your comments I guess you don’t rate them. Is there anything in particular that I should know before I order some?



I’m new to this subject, but from what I have seen I would NEVER order the Renault windows. For that price you can do much better.


I agree about the price, I was hoping to sell my twy-rain windows or swop then for the Renault ones.



Why did you remove the twy-rain windows?

(Fredrik) #55

The Holland Windows that I have takes about 10 minutes to remove, same to put back. You have to loosen the 3 bolts that hold the door together and put them back.

The mayor benefit of these winows is that you do not have to lock them in place, just shut the door and they are leaning on the rubber gasket (delivered with the windows) that are glued in the top of the “window hole”.

Im thinking of buying a used pair of Renault windows to use in the summer, would be nice to be able to close if it is raining and when the Twiz is parked.


I had bought a set off the TWY windows and then came by a set of Renault ones the next day and after trying both opted for the Renault ones. The concern I had with the TWY windows is that there a lot of nuts and bolts holding them together and if you’re not extremely careful when you open and close the door there is a good chance that you’ll damage the paint work on the car with the nuts and bolts. The Renault ones however, although will touch in the same place, are less likely to cause damage to the car as it’s only a soft clear vinyl and more forgiving to “neglect” when opening and closing the doors.

Are the Renault ones worth the money, not in my opinion, are they worth having, yes I think so and easy to remove for the summer.

(askho) #57

You will be surprised what damage the “soft” Renault windows can do.
I have only used mine for one winter only and they have scratched the front quarter lights. They also leave black residuals, minor scratches on the roof frame (white in my case). Luckily they can be polished off. It happens not when you open the doors as you pull the windows clear. It’s when you close the doors. The windows rub against the quarter light and roof frame, leaving the scratches with time. So beware.


I prefer to drive with the vehicle open. This is the reason I was interested in the Renault version so I could unzip them quickly if I was in the Twizy on my own but have them available if I had a passenger or left it parked up in the rain. The twy-rain don’t lend themselves to being stored in the vehicle.


Hi Andy,

How do the windows behave on bad roads and lots of wind? Do they make ‘clattering’ sounds? Leakage ok?
In the video I don’t see how they are kept to the top of the car.
I contacted the manufacturer by email and he said they are still available.



Did you buy these windows?