Windows for Twizy


Thank you for your comment! Does any water enters to the interior while Twizy is parked at rain?

(Pål Andor Østvold) #84

Yes, The gasket on top of the window does not cover completely and it is quite hard so it does not form entirely around the frame. It would benfit if it was a bit wider and more soft.

Also it depends on how firm you can close it inwards.

At the front of the window there is a gap between the window on the Side of the Twizy and the window itself wich gives wind noice when you drive.

But in all fairnes it is very good for the most of conditions.


Thank you. From what i’ve seen, i believe those are the best option to me.

(DaniJ) #86

Hey Pål.
Could you please tell me if you need to push on your window, in order to open the door, when the window is installed?
I need to do this on the sets I have from twy.
Thank you for sharing about your setup.

(Pål Andor Østvold) #87

Yes, with original struts you need to help the doors to open them.
And they fall heavy into place when you close them, so you need to lower them with aid of your hands so they dont slam.

(DaniJ) #88

Pål, what I mean is the windows themselves. Do you need to push out on the plastic window, away from the car, in order to release the window from hitting/touching the top frame of the car?

Or do you simply open the door without needing to press out on to the window, to get the door up?

(Pål Andor Østvold) #89

Yes, you need to push them out when opening, like you pull them in with the straps when closing it to the body with welcro or that new system. but it is only a gentle push.
You may also need to pull/push them out after closing to make sure the straps are inside and not outside. But when you close the door you dont need to pull/push the windows.

(Ian Beeldens) #90

Hi I am new here and from The Netherlands and I was looking online for twy-rain windows for the twizy but they don’t ship it to me anyone have a link for me other than this one: