Winter pics

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I find my charger cuts out at 97%-98%, but unplug and then plug in a few hours later and it goes up to 100%.

Trick with visibility is to use Rain-x on the glass (NOT plastics-it will damage them) and when needed pour a jug of fairly warm (eg 50% kettle hot + 50% cold tap water: not too hot) water over the frosty bits-it removes the frost and heats the glass through enough to keep it clear with an occasional blast of the heated screen.
Agree visibility not the strongest point-I more of less put my head out of the window at times to avoid the “thick pillar” effect!

The heated element is probably small to keep within a power usage limit…

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? 3 bars = approx 12 miles/4 = 16ish?? For a 12 mile trip you were unlucky! Wonder what happened?

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Got stuck in a long tailback last night. Lights required and because I was stationary for long periods at a time, the screen kept fogging over due to the cold requiring use of the screen clearing (LOL) heating element. Having used the lights in the morning for 30 minutes already and unable to charge during the day before for the 17 mile return journey, I was a little concerned. Whilst stationary, I did resort to parking lights. Journey home took about an hour and a half.

With just 5 miles left on the system when I got home it does bring home the difficulty if you get diverted. I believe the cause of the delay was a vehicle accident and it was grid locked. I do wonder how long the lighting and heating system can operate from the spare battery. I could have been stuck there for another hour because nothing was budging.

With a 34 mile round trip each day without possibility of charging, I think I am operating at the limit of winter driving especially when the vast majority of the journey is dual carriageway (national speed limit) and motorway.

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If you had been delayed another hour, hypothermia would have been more of a problem than the battery :wink:

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In my experience, there are a few miles left after 0 bars, 0 miles too…


Yep. See this thread

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Sure I parked my Car here somewhere.

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Thanks for the pics. I bet mine looks like that at the moment, except it had blue seats when I parked up.

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I had taken these before I went for a spin (literally) this morning.
I think that makes it 3 of a kind.

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Just processing a bit of vid from today, but this was the end result :slight_smile:

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Nice chilly 24mile usual round trip today with the added excitement of snow. Played around with donuts on a grass field plenty of times in the twizy but proper snow is something else. You’ve got to be pretty sharp to keep it all together. What I found:

  • The Regen braking is a handful in snow. Don’t let off the right pedal mid corner whatever you do… the back end will overtake you. It takes some time to learn to back off the throttle to the mid point before the regen kicks in - and it’s counter intuitive if you are about to loose it and you really think you should be lifting off to save your bacon. Renault should offer an override switch to knock regen off in the snow. Bit like the ESP switch in most cars.
  • Normal brakes seem well balanced even if the wheels lock a bit so stopping didn’t seem too stressful.
  • If one wheel spins and you can’t start off, put the handbrake on a few notches and then both wheels will turn. This is surprisingly effective and stooped me being stuck a few times. Also works to keep you moving when you start to loose grip up a steep snowy hill.
  • Getting handbrake off again while you are moving is a nightmare. Best to stop somewhere to release it. I have to press the footbrake far too hard to get the handbrake button to release. I might fit some (illegal prob) override switch to inhibit the handbrake lock.
  • Windows kept the snow out really well.
  • Beware of hyperthermia if you head out into a mad gridlocked town and spend 2 hours in queues with no heater. I aborted my first try home from work today cos of the traffic and went back to the nice warm office. 2hrs later it was clear.
  • Battery seems to be walloped by driving through snow. Must take a lot of extra power to compress all that white stuff beneath the wheels. Beware of that so you don’t get stranded.

All in all a fun day. Looking for some snow tyres next as when the traction is a bit slippy but not completely lost the twizy is real good fun and pretty predicatable. With no power sterring or servo brakes and some winter tyres the twizy would be a pretty rewarding drive.

Wrap up warm, get some windows and get out there! Stay safe.

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A bit of fun today


(mender) #29

Excellent :lol:

Brave 8-|

Now does anyone disagree that the Twizy has initial understeer then oversteer?

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I’m afraid I wimped out today and went in my Petrol Microcar :frowning:
In my defence the Renault Windows had not arrived yet :frowning:
(They arrived this morning! )

Lightly, in the video were you messing around getting the car to slide, or was it that uncontrollable?
(Hopefully the first! :smiley: )


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I have 6:30 worth of video to edit, but far cry 3 took priority. I will get it on you tube soon, but this was moments before the fun.

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have to say very impressed with the sideways drift. Also very brave, to many parked cars for my liking.

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This is the kind of stupidity that I love about this forum. Excelent video that sums up the pure fun that you get from the Twizy that no other car comes close to. I am impressed with the lack of gloves, I was out today in full snowboarding attire, no windows necessary with just enough adrenilin to keep you warm inside.

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Here we go


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Well filmed and edited :slight_smile:

(Bassflex) #36


filmed using go pro clone “aee” and a gorilla pod.

oh and an empty car park with untouched snow.