You’re not gonna believe this sh#t!

(Mike) #1

Ok. Twizy is (hopefully) sold. I book it in to Renault Dundee to get the rear hub assemblies replaced. I was quoted £460 including vat for the job. It was dropped off on Wednesday 2nd for the work starting as agreed on Thursday 3rd.i get a phone call the Thursday afternoon saying that the parts haven’t arrived and they’re in back order from France with a possible ONE MONTH delivery time!! I explained that the vehicle is sold and that I need it done as a matter of urgency, and that time frame takes me past the expiry of my mot! It butters no parsnips with the dealer. I was advised to contact Renault uk customer services and open a complaint, which I have done. It’s absolutely bloody ludicrous! I’m waiting to hear back if they have found any parts in the uk. Meanwhile, I have a buyer who isn’t going to wait forever and insurance and battery rental to pay for a car I can’t use! I’m pushing for financial compensation or a whacking great lump off the bill!! If Renault would release the patent I’d be able to buy the assemblies online! While I was talking to them, I asked how much they would be for the front brakes. Pair of front discs? £90 plus vat. Set of front pads? £65 plus vat!!! I can get Borg and neck discs on eBay for £33 delivered and pads for about £25 delivered!! Renault must be smoking some good stuff!! No wonder they call them stealers, not dealers!! Oh, forgot to say, dealer is now saying that the offside assembly is due for delivery on 18/11/19, and as yet there’s no delivery date for the near side!!!